September is BRASember!

BRAS ľ Childrenĺs Culture festival will be held for the second time in Austurland ináSeptember and October. A number of parties participate with children and foráchildren to create an environment for diverse and exciting artistic creations underáthe theme ôexpression without languageö.

Austurbr˙, the three cultural centres in Austurland, the municipalities, schools andáorganizations have organized and prepared diverse art events where children are atáthe forefront. Skaftfell Centre for Visual Arts offers elementary school children coursesáin Icelandic folk art. East Iceland Church and Cultural Centre offers elementary schooláchildren a series of lectures, intended to promote interest in musical performance andácomposition. The Slaughter House Culture Centre offers an exhibition that can beáviewed as unsolved crime mysteries from the 18th century and an intriguing historicaláexhibition, as well as an ancient #metoo story. The three cultural centres will also host
various open events, such as a dance course, a printing course, an exhibition onáchildrenĺs bookĺs illustrations, etc.

The Highlight

The Highlight of BRAS will be on Saturday, September 14th, in the sports centre atáEgilssta­ir. Itĺs a harvest festival where guests can view the results of the festivalĺs artáevents, some of which will still be running. Students from the circus workshop give aáperformance and some proper BRAS dance moves will grace the dance floor. Last butánot least, the Town Circus (BŠjarsirkusinn) will perform their show for kids whereácircus magic comes to life. Weĺll see a fearless stunt man, an incredible rope dancer,álimber acrobats and lots of other fun things. The show ends with a disco for the kids.áThe Highlight starts at 4 pm and ends at 7 pm. All are welcome and admission is free.

Good Guests

We will receive good guests. Pre-schoolers get a theatrical performance; creativeáwriting workshops are available to elementary school children and open dance coursesáwill be held. Maximus Musicus will honour us with his presence and will perform, alongáwith his musician pals, a musical experience in Eskifj÷r­ur, Egilssta­ir, Sey­isfj÷r­uráand Vopnafj÷r­ur.

All elementary school children are invited to the circus during school hours and showsáwill be held at Fßskr˙­sfj÷r­ur, Eskifj÷r­ur and Egilssta­ir in close cooperation with theámunicipalities and schools. Austurbr˙, ME and VA offer their students small courses in
circus arts and the areaĺs gymnasts will also benefit from these circus visits.

Local Participation is Key

The municipalities in Austurland are very ambitious participants in this yearĺs festivaláand a detailed schedule of BRAS can be found in all municipalities and most villages.áThe number of events has increased significantly from last year. For example, the EastáIceland Heritage Museum offers an archaeological workshop, a games workshop and aáwhittle workshop. The Fish Factory, Creative Centre of St÷­varfj÷r­ur, offers aáworkshop in sound recording, young artists exhibit their works in Vopnafj÷r­ur whereáyouĺll also be able to enrol in a talent competition.

Locals in Austurland are encouraged to participate. All of BRAS events are free unlessástated otherwise. It is truly unique to experience and participate in creativity and theáarts with children. To feel the joy, excitement and gusto through them is somethingáadults should do more often because the childrenĺs experience is sincere and honest.áNow is your chance because the list of events in September is incredibly diverse and
we hope to see great participation in the whole region.

The BRAS schedule can be found on and weĺll also advertise all events onásocial media. Have a happy BRASember!

For further information contact Halldˇra Dr÷fn, Austurbr˙ employee //á // 470-3871 // 899-6913

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